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Fairmont's Luxury Escape: Turning Work into Wanderlust

Have you ever wondered what it's truly like to indulge in the lap of luxury while traveling? Perhaps you've caught glimpses of extravagant getaways on television and fantasized about exploring the world in such grandeur. As dedicated professionals in the hospitality industry, we have the privilege of turning moments into memories every day, leaving a profound impact on the travelers who choose to stay with us.

But have you ever considered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that exceptional experience? As proud members of the Fairmont family, we're excited to unveil our extraordinary travel program—a passport to discounted hotel rates spanning the entire globe! Yes, you read that correctly—across continents, oceans, and cultures.

As members of the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge (JPL) team, we fall under the umbrella of the North and Central American Region. However, we're not just any property in this vast region; we are located within the beautiful Canadian Western Mountain Region (CWMR). But what exactly does this distinction entail? Let's find out!

Within the CWMR, there are four remarkable Fairmont properties that call the Rocky Mountains home: Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, and Whistler. When you embark on your journey with us at one of these destinations, you unlock an exclusive perk – an even more enticing discount to experience the luxurious hospitality of our sister mountain hotels.

By joining the JPL family, you can gain access to an exclusive discount* at any of our Canadian Western Mountain Region properties! Picture yourself strolling through the majestic halls of the iconic Banff Springs castle, savoring breathtaking vistas at Lake Louise, or indulging in some Après Ski luxury at the Chateau Whistler after a thrilling day on the slopes—all while receiving that luxury service that Fairmont is known for.

Sounds pretty amazing right? The discounts don’t stop at just the room rate though! As a Fairmont employee, when you choose to stay at any of our hotels within the North and Central America region, you unlock a treasure chest of benefits. Indulge in substantial discounts on dining, spa services, and an array of luxurious spa products. Plus, if you're an avid golfer, you’ll find amazing savings on green fees at some of our world ranked golf courses. So, whether you're a tropical traveler seeking sun-soaked paradises, an adrenaline-fueled ski enthusiast conquering mountain slopes, or a city lover in search of the finest culinary experiences, Fairmont’s got you covered. No matter what your vibe is, Fairmont offers you the chance to experience it all as you enter your new luxury travel era.

Are you ready to embark on your extraordinary Fairmont journey? Apply Now to unveil all of the thrilling opportunities that await you! Your path to a world of unmatched hospitality and adventure begins right here.

*If you’re a current employee for any of the Fairmont Canadian Western Mountain Region properties, reach out to your Talent & Culture team to learn more about our exclusive Mountain Explorer Program. They will also be able to share more information on how you can book any of our luxury hotels and resorts world-wide!

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